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Preparing Your Notes For Submission

In order for your notes to be processed safely and in a timely manner certain guidelines should be adhered to as described here.

  1. Each note must be in an individual holder and placed in a plastic currency sleeve. Do NOT tape the holder closed, staple the holder closed or in any way hinder the safe removal of your currency from the sleeve.
  2. Every order must be accompanied by our submission form. The form is available online under the "Services and Fees" link. When filling out the form make sure to put your contact information, including a cell or other phone number that we can reach you at if needed with any questions or concerns. The form must be signed in order for us to begin work on your order.
  3. Choosing your submission level. On the top of the submission form is the option to choose your level of service, or how quickly you want to get your order back.
  4. When listing your individual notes on the form we understand you might not know all the asked for information. That's ok. We just need the series (Year), denomination, serial number, and approximate value of each note. If you don't know the value, an educated guess or maybe what you paid for the bill.
  5. Make sure the submission form is signed. If you have any additional questions please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in preparing your submission.
  6. Every order must be accompanied by our submission form and your method of payment, whether it be personal check or money order in which you must include the return shipping charge. Please, no credit cards.

Currency Grading & Authentication

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