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Grading Guarantee

CGA Of Shelter Island Hts, NY guarantees that currency submitted to us will be certified with the highest possible standards of professionalism. Currency Grading and Authentication shall only be undertaken by qualified experts in the field. Any customer may resubmit any note for review of the grade assigned by CGA if they believe the note is over-graded or for review of the notes authenticity.

If the note submitted for review by a customer is graded lower than the originally assigned grade, or has questionable authenticity under CGA's internal review practices, CGA shall, at the discretion of CGA, either:

  1. Purchase the note at fair market value
  2. Replace the note
  3. Pay any difference between the current fair market value of the note with its newly assigned grade and the fair market value of the originally assigned grade. Fair market value shall be determined by CGA.

The CGA guarantee shall not apply to:

  1. Any note not certified by CGA.
  2. Any note in which its holder has been damaged.
  3. Any note removed from its sealed holder.
  4. Any Holder that has been tampered with.
  5. Any attributional Errors.
  6. Notes stored in improper conditions, such as but not limited to extreme temperatures, sunlight, moisture, vibrations or Ultraviolet radiation.
  7. Any note encapsulated prior to April 15th, 2009 or that does not display the CGA star/diamond on the back of the holder.
  8. Any note with a notation of a problem condition printed on its label.
  9. Any note from the People's Republic of China.

The CGA guarantee shall not apply to clerical errors. The determination of what constitutes a clerical error shall be solely determined by CGA. CGA's sole liability shall be limited to correcting the clerical error. The CGA grading guarantee shall not apply to any note that CGA determines to have a value of more than $10,000.

Currency Grading & Authentication

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