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eBay Auctions

Occasionally we will run a promotional auction on eBay for a gift certificate for 5 notes to be graded. The procedure works as follows: When the auction is paid for we will send the winning bidder the gift certificate along with a submission form to be used with your order. Please fill out the needed areas on the form. Those areas include listing each notes denomination, serial number and value. Please make sure to sign the form and return it to us along with your notes in a box or other rigid type mailer. We recommend shipping your notes to us using registered mail. It is the safest way to mail anything. We only use the post offices registered mail system and that's the way your notes will be returned to you. If the Hope diamond and the Mona Lisa were shipped with the registered mail system that's good enough for us. Your order will also be fully insured by us thru our own private insurance carrier who's limits far exceed the postal systems.

eBay Auctions

Currency Grading & Authentication

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